Musician Lostboycrow Goes to Primal Places in His Lems

Musician Lostboycrow — that’s what he prefers to go by — Lems are a natural fit for his nomadic, seeker lifestyle.

Lostboycrow grew up outside Portland, which “instilled in me a love being close to the earth, out in nature,” he says. “It was a beautiful place to grow up.”

Biannual pilgrimages with family to South Dakota and Montana were important for being immersed in wide-open spaces and getting lost in the woods, he says.

But he didn’t find Lems until recently. An outdoorsy friend first introduced the artist to Lems' Boulder Boot during a trip to Wyoming. Lostboycrow promptly went home and located a pair to wear, well, everywhere.

LostBoyCrow Boulder Boot

He says Lems work well on the road, on the trails, and even in jujitsu, which is usually practiced barefoot. The LA-based singer-songwriter brought the Boulder Boot when traveling light to New York City. “I had to take meetings, but I wanted to be comfortable as well,” he says.

“They were the only shoes I brought to walk around NYC. They do it all and that’s why they’re so cool.”

If you don’t know Lostboycrow, he has racked up over 150 million streams on Spotify and hit both the global and U.S. viral charts with previous efforts. So you should.

Lostboycrow Lems Shoes

But in the coast-to-coast rat race that is the music business, Lems, in many ways, act as centering point for Lostboycrow. Looking down at this simple pair of boots, both free and lightweight, remind him of something much larger: living lighter.

“That’s what drew me in. Lems aligns to my philosophy,” he says. “I’m trying to live more minimally, eat paleo and exercise in a more primal way with ‘spontaneous exercise.’ ”

Minimalist ideals apply to his songwriting and music making, too. “While I’ve made a lot of different kinds of music, now I’m doing more live tacking and live instruments,” he says. “I try to write songs from a raw place of spontaneity.”

Live from Santa Fe

Most recently a “spontaneous” decision to depart for the desert served Lostboycrow well. With a few friends, he went on a little soul-searching mission for the roots of his music. He found it in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The town delivered on inspiration and endless enchantment. In fact, Lostboycrow’s latest album, Santa Fe, which drops the first of next year, is the culmination of listening to almost nothing for many days in those arid mountains.

“I had never been to Santa Fe, but it felt like the perfect move —just a beautiful, wintery, desert vibe,” he says.

Lostboycrow Shoes

“Traveling has always played a big part in understanding myself. It’s a huge part of broadening scope, imagination, taste, and where you draw inspiration from.”

He didn’t know if an album would come out of Santa Fe. But something magical happened there. Part of it was he had the flu and was forced to hole up an Airbnb and do absolutely nothing but heal.

“You can just sense in air you are not somewhere you’ve ever been. Santa Fe feels foreign,” he says.

“And that seclusion and profound silence — to able to sit with my thoughts and really hear everything that had been dormant — brought out things from within that I hadn’t heard before.”

And it won’t be like anything that Lostboycrow fans have heard either. For a little taste of what’s to come, here’s the first single, “Since The Day I Was Born,” from the forthcoming full-length album, Santa Fe, via RED Music.

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